A leading steel service company in Northern Europe

BE Group is a trading and service company in the steel and metal industry. Customers mainly operate in the manufacturing and construction industries in Sweden, Finland and the Baltic States, where BE Group is one of the market’s leading actors.

With extensive expertise and efficient processes in purchasing, logistics and production, BE Group offers inventory sales, production service and direct deliveries to customers based on their specific needs for steel and metal products.

BE Group has approximately 700 employees and sales of SEK 4.3 billion in 2017.

The head office is located in Malmö, Sweden.



BE Group has around ten sites in Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and the Czech Republic.

For many years, BE Group has been one of the leading actors in Sweden and Finland which are the company’s main markets. Together with the well-established operations in the Baltics and the production-oriented operations in Poland and the Czech Republic, this means that BE Group can customize solutions where selected sites contribute in various ways to create the best possible offering. For customers who have or are planning operations in several countries, BE Group’s international organization with a presence in various European markets is a clear competitive advantage.


BE Group´s customer base can be divided into two main segments: the construction industry and the manufacturing industry. By dividing the customers in different segments, we can more efficiently adjust our offering for the customers different needs and conditions.

Construction industry

The construction industry has four subsegments:

  • Steel structure suppliers with a need for beams, construction tubes, bars and heavy plates. The steel is often cut to length, drilled or primed.
  • Regional construction companies with a need for reinforcing products, steel for foundations and construction steel.
  • Nationwide building enterprises with a need for reinforcing products, steel for foundations and construction steel.
  • Building material chains, which consists of building material retailers and steel resellers, with a need for mainly reinforcement but also construction steel.

Manufacturing industry

In the manufacturing industry, there are three subsegments that all largely buy from BE Group’s whole product range:

  • Subcontractors, subsuppliers, mechanic workshops and businesses with project-oriented service and maintenance to for example the process industry.
  • Local and regional steel resellers.
  • OEM customers (Original Equipment Manufacturer), industrial companies with manufacturing of products under their own brand.

Product range

BE Group´s product range comprises a large number of products that meet the customers´ material needs and it is constantly developing according to their needs.

Long steel products

Long steel products include beams, hollow sections, bars and tubes. Long products are used in every construction imaginable, such as steel framework, trusses, bridges, vehicles and machines.

Flat steel products

Flat steel products are represented by plates and sheets in various forms, including hot-rolled, cold-rolled or metal-coated. Plates is a base product in the manufacturing industry and is used, for example, in construction, automotive, machining and process industry.

Reinforcement steel

The assortment includes reinforce-ment steel and reinforcement mesh, products that are used to reinforce concrete and thereby increase the concrete’s strength and prevent fracturing in buildings and infrastructure.

Engineering steel

Engineering steel, such as rods and hollow cast blanks, are used when there is a need for materials with improved cutting characteristics, higher strength, hardenability or durability. Engineering steel is used in the engineering industry, among other things, for machine parts, axles, cog wheels and hydraulic products.

Stainless steel

The stainless steel assortment includes plates, sheets, bars, tubes and tube parts. Stainless steel, which is resistant to corrosion thanks to being alloyed with chrome, is used in everything from demanding constructions in the construction, machining, medical and process industry to kitchen furnishings, cutlery, tools and razor blades.


The aluminium range comprises plates, sheets, profiles, bars and tubes. BE Group delivers to subcontractors and OEMs that work with signs, road signs and construction or in the aviation, automotive and packaging industries.


BE Group offers production service of steel, stainless steel and aluminium with production resources in cutting, drilling, slitting, thermal cutting, blasting and painting.

Production service

Our production service offering comprises various processes in which we process steel and other metals to meet customers’ specific requirements.

Material advice, logistics solutions and IT services

BE Group also offers material advice, logistics solutions and timesaving IT services that include web-based e-commerce, EDI, digital notifications and electronic invoices.