Strategic focus


BE Group shall be the most professional, successful and respected steel service company in our markets.


We shall have customer focus and the right offering to our customers and deliver at the right time at the right place.


We shall be a leading steel distribution company that has good profitability and is growing to be able to develop our market positions.


BE Group shall be well-renowned by our customers, suppliers, employees and owners.

Business idea

BE Group is an independent efficient distributor of steel, stainless steel, aluminium and value adding services to Nordic manufacturing and construction companies.

Efficient distribution

We offer efficient distribution through coordination in purchasing, transportation and warehousing.

Value-generating production service

With value-generating production service, we offer further processing of the products, such as processing through cutting and slitting, to meet the customers’ specific needs. The customers’ need for processed materials can be due to the need to streamline processes, free up resources, minimize their own inventories or to focus on their core business.


BE Group has a strong corporate culture that is based on sound and ethical business principles. In 2017 the core values were revised to better fit the new organization and the day-to-day work. These values address how we act towards one another as employees, as well as towards customers, suppliers and others with whom we come into contact.


  • Innovative
  • Action-oriented

In a fast-moving environment, we need to be dynamic and continuously question how we operate and do things. We need to be innovative and seek for new ways and possibilities with curiosity.

To make things happen, we need to carry out rapid testing and be disciplined in our implementation.


  • Performance
  • Leadership

Being transparent and sharing is critical in order to be able to learn from each other, expand our knowledge and find areas to improve.

Transparency also includes having clear targets and an agreement on expectations and performance. We encourage clear communication and immediate feedback.


  • Environment
  • People
  • Profitability

The only way to be successful in the long-term is to be a sustainable company. This needs to be considered in every decision we make, both daily and strategically.

We need to minimize the impact that our business has on the environment. It is everyone’s responsibility that we treat each other fairly and with respect.

Sustainable also includes being profitable. This is necessary in order to be able to invest in improved technology and secure our long-term operations.