Note 30 – Related-party transactions


During the year, the Group had transactions with joint venture company ArcelorMittal BE Group SSC AB. See Note 17 for further details.

In other regards, no transactions have taken place between BE Group and related parties that have had a material impact on the Company’s position and results.

See Note 3 for disclosures on remuneration and benefits paid to senior executives and Board members.

Parent Company

The Parent Company has decisive control over its subsidiaries, see Note 16, and has had the following transactions with related parties:

Parent Company´s transactions with subsidiaries Moderbolagets transaktioner med dotterbolag 2020 2019
Sales of services Försäljning av tjänster 77 97
Purchases of services Inköp av tjänster -5 -7
Interest income Ränteintäkter 14 17
Interest expense Räntekostnader -10 -7
Dividend received (+)/paid (-) Utdelning erhållen (+)/lämnad (-) 21 16
Group contributions received(+)/paid (-) Koncernbidrag erhållna (+)/lämnade (-) -15 7
Claims on related parties on balance day Fordran på närstående på balansdagen 121 271
Debt to related parties on balance day Skuld till närstående på balansdagen -440 -124