Note 33 – Key estimates and assessments

Certain assumptions about the future and certain estimates and assessments as of the balance sheet date are particularly significant to measurement of assets and liabilities in the balance sheet. According to management assessment, none of the asset and liability amounts reported are associated with risk that material adjustment will be required in the next year.

Impairment of goodwill

The value of recognized goodwill is tested at least once a year to determine whether the asset may be impaired. The test requires assessment of the value in use of the cash generating unit, or groups of cash generating units, to which the goodwill has been allocated. This in turn requires that the expected future cash inflows from the cash generating units must be estimated and a relevant discount rate determined to calculate the present value of cash inflows.

See Note 12 for a description of impairment testing and assumptions used in the process.

Assessment of the leasing period

BE Group determines the leasing period as the non-terminable leasing period, together with both periods covered by a possibility to extend the lease if the Group is reasonably certain of exercising the option and periods that are covered by a possibility to terminate the lease if the Group is reasonably certain of not exercising that option.

BE Group has leases that contain extension options and/or termination options. The Group assesses whether or not it will exercise the options with reasonable certainty. This means that the Group considers all relevant factors that create incentives for the Group to exercise an extension/termination option.

The Group makes a new assessment of the leasing period if a significant event occurs or if circumstances, which are within the Group’s control, significantly affect its ability to exercise or not exercise an extension/termination option (e.g. in the event of substantial adaptations of a leased asset).

For additional information on the Group’s leasing agreements, please see Note 15.


The cost of inventory is tested upon each close of books against estimated and assessed future selling prices. In the judgment of BE Group’s management, necessary impairments have been recognized based on the information available when the closing accounts were prepared.

Assessment of deferred tax assets and liabilities

Assessments are made to determine both current and deferred tax assets and tax liabilities, particularly with regard to deferred tax assets. The likelihood of the deferred tax assets being utilized to offset future taxable profits is hereby assessed. The fair value of these future taxable gains may deviate with regard to future business climate and earnings capacity or changed tax rules.