Business model

BE Group serves as a link between producers and customers and compensates for the gap between the steel mills’ delivery capacity and the steel consumers’ needs for fast, flexible delivery solutions. The company creates value to its customers through coordination of sourcing, transportation and warehousing of a wide selection of commercial steel, engineering steel, stainless steel and aluminum. BE Group’s sales to customers take place in three different ways; inventory sales, production service sales and direct sales.


Long steel products

Beams, hollow sections, bars and tubes. Used in every construction imaginable, such as steel framework, trusses, bridges, vehicles and machines.

Flat steel products

Plates and sheets in various forms, including hot-rolled, cold-rolled or metal-coated. Used, for example, in construction, automotive, machining and process industries.

Stainless steel

Plates, sheets, bars and tubes. Used in corrosion exposed and demanding constructions, for example in the construction, machining, medicine and process industries.

Engineering steel

Alloyed and unalloyed structural steel surface modified bars and hollow bars. Used when there is a need for material with improved cuttability, strength, hardenability or durability.


Plates, sheets, bars and tubes. Used by subcontractors and OEMs, for example in construction, signs and road signs and in the aviation, automotive and packaging industries.


Straight steel, mesh reinforcement and prefabricated reinforcement. Used to reinforce concrete to increase the strength and prevent fracturing in buildings and infrastructure.


Production service

BE Group offers production service that involves different processes where steel, stainless steel and aluminium are processed to fulfil the customer’s specific needs. The company has production resources within thermal cutting, drilling, sawing, slitting, blasting and painting.

Material advice and services

BE Group also offers material advice, logistics solutions and time-saving IT services that include web-based e-commerce, EDI, digital notifications and electronic invoices.