Note 22 – Equity

Share capital and shares outstanding

Group Koncern 2022 2021
Issued capital at January 1 Emitterade aktier per 1 januari 13,010,124 13,010,124
Issued capital at December 31 Emitterade aktier per 31 december 13,010,124 13,010,124

At December 31, 2022, registered share capital amounted to 13,010,124 (13,010,124) common shares. The quotient value per share is SEK 20.00 (20.00). Holders of common shares are entitled to dividends, the amount of which is set each financial year and shareholdings convey voting rights at the Annual General Meeting of one vote per share. All shares convey equal rights to the company’s remaining net assets.


Translation reserve

The translation reserve comprises of exchange rate differences arising from translation of the financial statements of foreign operations that have prepared their financial statements in a currency other than the currency in which consolidated financial statements are presented. The Parent Company and Group present their financial statements in Swedish kronor (SEK).

Group Koncern 2022 2021
Carrying amount at January 1 Bokfört värde vid årets början 36 23
Exchange rate difference for the year Årets valutakursdifferens 56 13
Carrying amount at end of period Redovisat värde vid periodens slut 92 36

Retained earnings including profit/loss for the year

Retained earnings including profit for the year include earnings in the Parent Company and its subsidiaries. This equity item includes prior provisions to the statutory reserve, excluding transferred share premium reserves.

Treasury shares

2022 2021
Group Number Amount Number Amount
2022 2021
Koncern Antal Belopp Antal Belopp
Balance at January 1 Ingående balans 26,920 21 26,920 21
Closing balance at end of period Utgående balans vid periodens slut 26,920 21 26,920 21
Acquisition of treasury shares are recognized directly in retained earnings.

Parent Company

Restricted equity

Restricted reserves

Dividends that reduce restricted reserves are prohibited.

Statutory reserve

The purpose of the statutory reserve has been to save a portion of net profits not used to cover retained losses. The statutory reserve also includes the amount transferred to the share premium reserve prior to January 1, 2006.

Non-restricted equity

Retained earnings

Comprises of prior years’ non-restricted equity after distribution of profits, if any. Combined with profit for the year, the total makes up non-restricted equity, which is the amount available for distribution to shareholders.

Share premium reserve

When shares are issued at a premium, that is, when more must be paid for the shares than their quotient value, an amount equal to the amount received in excess of the quotient value of the shares must be transferred to the share premium reserve. The amount transferred to the share premium reserve from January 1, 2006 is included in non-restricted equity.