The business area includes the Group’s operations in Sweden consisting of the companies BE Group Sverige and Lecor Stålteknik, as well as the Polish operation BE Group Poland.

First quarter

Net sales decreased by 13 percent in the first quarter compared to last year and amounted to SEK 558 M (643). The lower sales is atttributable to a decrease in tonnage by 12 percent at the same time as the steel prices were lower. The operating result amounted to SEK -24 M (27) and was impacted by items affecting comparability of SEK -35 M, related to the decision to centralize warehouse and production operations in Norrköping and to close the warehouse in Malmö, which was communicated during the quarter. Adjusted for inventory gains and losses and items affecting comparability of SEK -35 M, the underlying operating result amounted to SEK 16 M (30).

BE Group Sweden delivered a weaker underlying operating result in comparison to last year. The volume decreased compared to a strong first quarter last year with high demand from the industry and higher steel prices.

The Polish operation and Lecor Stålteknik are showing improved profitability as a result of efficiency improvements and higher capacity utilization.

Business Area Sweden & Poland, sales growth and underlying operating result per quarter