Note 26 – Pledged assets and contingent liabilities

Pledged assets to credit institutions

Group Koncern 2018 2017
Liens on assets Företagsinteckningar 1,172 1,141
Property mortgages Fastighetsinteckningar
Shares in subsidiaries Aktier i dotterbolag 1,018 986
Total Summa 2,190 2,127
Parent Company Moderbolag 2018 2017
Promissory notes receivable Reversfordran 326 316
Shares in subsidiaries Aktier i dotterbolag 856 856
Total Summa 1,182 1,172

Financial assets pledged as collateral

The Parent Company has promissory notes receivable from BE Group Sverige AB and BE Group Oy Ab pledged as collateral for external loan agreements. The carrying amount is equal to the amount reported as pledged collateral. Please see Note 31 Financial risk management with regard to significant terms and conditions of external loan agreements.

Contingent liabilities

Group Koncern 2018 2017
Guarantees Garantier 6 26
Other items Övriga poster 8 4
Total Summa 14 30
Parent Company Moderbolag 2018 2017
Guarantee obligations for the benefit of subsidiaries Borgensförbindelser till förmån för dotterbolag 14 26
Total Summa 14 26

The Parent Company provides a joint and several guarantee covering subsidiaries’ payment of receivables to materials suppliers. In addition to these reported commitments, the Parent Company has also provided customary guarantees for subsidiaries’ obligations to pay rent to property owners.