Note 15 – Lease agreements

The Group has leases for real estate, vehicles, machinery and other equipment used in the operations. Leases of real estate and machinery generally have a leasing period of between three and 15 years, while that for vehicles and other equipment is generally between three and five years. The Group’s obligations in leases are secured by the lessor’s ownership.

Right of use assets

The table below presents the book value of the ROU assets and amortization per asset class and the financial year’s additional ROUs.

2019 Buildings Cars Equipment, tools, fixtures and fittings Other Total
2019 Byggnader Bilar Inventarier, verktyg och installationer Övrigt Totalt
Depreciation Avskrivningar -78 -4 -1 -1 -84
Closing balance, December 31. 2019 Utgående balans 31 december 2019 511 7 19 4 540
Additional ROUs during the 2019 financial year total SEK 40 M.

Lease liabilities

The table below presents the amounts recognized as lease liabilities in the consolidated balance sheet.

Non-current leasing liabilities Långfristiga leasingskulder 449
Current leasing liabilities Kortfristiga leasingskulder 92
Total Totalt 541
The table below presents a maturity analysis regarding contractually undiscounted payments of the lease liabilities.
Maturity within 1 year Förfaller inom 1 år 93
Maturity within 1-2 years Förfaller inom 1-2 år 82
Maturity within 2-3 years Förfaller inom 2-3 år 66
Maturity within 3-5 years Förfaller inom 3-5 år 117
Maturity later than 5 years Förfaller efter 5 år 228
Total Totalt 586

Earnings impact attributable to leases

The table below presents the amounts attributable to leases recognized in the consolidated income statement during the year.

Costs Kostnader 2019
Depreciation of rights of use Avskrivningar på nyttjanderättstillgångar 84
Interest expenses for leasing liabilities Räntekostnader för leasingskulder 11
Total Totalt 95
The Group’s total cash outflow attributable to leases amounted to SEK 89 M.

Uncommenced leasing commitments

The previously communicated machinery investment in Norrköping will be partially financed through leasing. The lease is expected to begin in the first half of 2020 and runs for 60 months. The lease liability at the start date of the lease is expected to amount to around SEK 18 M based on a 40-percent residual value and 60-month duration.

Lease fees for operational leasing 2018

Group Parent Company
2018 2018
Lease fees, operational leasing Minimum lease fees Variable fees Minimum lease fees Variable fees
Koncern Moderbolag
2018 2018
Leasingavgifter operationell leasing Minimi leaseavgifter Variabla avgifter Minimi leaseavgifter Variabla avgifter
Buildings and land Byggnader och mark 92 2
Other Övrigt 8 0 0
Total lease fees Total leasing avgift 100 0 2

Operational lease liabilities fall due for payment as follows:

Group Parent Company
Koncern Moderbolag
Future maturities of minimum lease fees Framtida minimileasingavgifters förfall 2018 2018
Within one year Inom ett år 91 2
One to five years Mellan ett och fem år 288 6
Later than five years Senare än om fem år 238
Total Totalt 617 8

Financial leasing 2018

Buildings and land Plant and machinery Total
Group Koncern Byggnader och mark Maskiner och andra tekniska anläggningar Totalt
Tillgångar som innehas under finansiella leasingavtal ingår med ett redovisat värde om 1 17 18

Future minimimum lease fees attributable to financial leasing fall due for payment as follows:

Group Koncern
Within one year Inom ett år 1 5 6
One to five years Mellan ett och fem år 11 11
Later than five years Senare än fem år 2 2
Total future minimum lease fees Summa framtida minimileaseavgifter 1 18 19
Amount representing interest Belopp som representerar ränta -1 -1
Total carrying value of lease liability Summa redovisat värde av leasingskuld 1 17 18